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Paul James is a premier consultant, and students report that the experience of “shadowing” him was a great learning experience.

-- Charles Arn, ED.D, visiting professor of Outreach and Christian Ministry at Wesley Seminary

I have every confidence in recommending Paul Borden and Paul James as top-notch church consultants, along with the proven intervention process they practice.  As a supervisor of Wesley Seminary’s “Church Revitalization Field Study”, we frequently send our students out to shadow the consultation process developed by these professionals.  Never have I heard anything other that sterling reports.  Many of our students tell me it was the most helpful learning experience in their seminary education.

-- Charles Arn, ED.D, visiting professor of Outreach and Christian Ministry at Wesley Seminary

Paul Borden and the Church Health Initiative have not only changed my life but the hundreds of congregations that we have worked with over the last several decades.  There are few individuals who have the insight, discernment and courage, which Paul displays in the consultation and coaching process.  I have repeated seen eternity shift through the work of Paul and I trust him more than anyone else in the leading of congregations and leaders to be focused on the mission of God for his Kingdom.

--Greg Wiens, Chief Catalyst, Healthy Growing Churches

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Paul Borden is one of those very rare practitioners of the Gospel who also has the ability to replicate growth in the Church.  Having known and worked with him over the last fifteen years in different settings in the United Methodist Church, I've watched Paul motivate and lead pastors.   They not only learn, but grow, with the result of those around them growing spiritually as well as numerically.  As a pastor, church planter, teacher, and consultant, Paul lives out a very rare gifting.  He has my highest recommendation.

--John Garrott, CEO, Glen Eagle Resources/General Evangelist, the United Methodist Church

Calling on his deep and wide experience in working with everyday churches ministering in the trenches, Dr. Paul Borden is a leading expert in church health and the Great Commission effectiveness.  Dr. Borden’s approach cuts through much of the fog of confusion that keeps leaders and churches stuck.  Giving priority to evangelism and disciple making, Dr. Borden’s consultation provide concrete prescriptions coupled with the supportive system of implementation.  This highly effective combination results in renewed church health and vitality when faithfully applied.  I know of no one else working with churches today who is better equipped to assist and guide churches and leaders in their quest towards health.

--Charles Revis, D. Min, Executive Minister, Mission Northwest

Dr. Borden brings tested and proven insight to congregational health assessment and ministry coaching. From a deeply embedded conviction that God’s primary instrument for accomplishing His purpose and will is the local church; and his vast experience with hundreds of churches from a broad spectrum of denominational history; Dr. Borden is gifted at focusing and energizing pastors, church leaders and congregations to fulfill their biblical mandate of making disciples who make disciples.

Dr. Borden is effective and passionate about working with churches of all sizes, from thirty members to thousands.  Whether a church is in the deep throes of decline, is conflicted and divided, or just uncertain of what are the next steps in God’s future for them; Paul is adept at helping them not only identify the core issues, but then giving specific prescriptions and resources for advancement toward God’s preferred future.

 --Stan Rieb, Regional Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Church Network

Dr. Paul Borden is one of those rare individuals that brings a wealth of experience with keen discernment in working with plateaued and declining congregations. Paul has the ability to sift through the symptomatic problems and get to the core issues that prevents a congregation from experiencing health and growth. His laser focus on the church being an outward focused Great Commission church is not only infectious, he can actually show a pastor and congregation how to get there. 

Every one of our congregations that was in plateau or decline that has followed Paul’s prescriptions, has seen increased health and growth. Paul has openly shared his wisdom and insights with us so we are better equipped to help our pastors and congregations in their transformations. After more than twenty years of ministry, I have learned more about church health from Dr Paul Borden than through any other person or training.

Rev. Kevin Johnson, MBA, Maritime District Superintendent, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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It has been my privilege to work with Paul James these past few years and I have encouraged him to continue his significant work as a consultant with churches.   Paul does this with a heart for God coupled with professional and tried research methodology.  In addition, Paul brings years of personal experience at all levels of church leadership life and this is definitely interspersed throughout the consultation process.   However, he individualizes it for each church and community   I have been to the churches several years after the consultation and have found the churches to be truly renewed and moving forward with new fervency, passion, mission and vision.  Truly an investment that is lifelong.

Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent Emerita/Ambassador, the Wesleyan Church

It has been my privilege to know Paul James for over two decades.  God has uniquely entrusted to Paul a personal gift of evangelism intertwined with a passion to see every local Church experience its best days of Kingdom service.  Paul’s own pastoral ministry, combined with his service as a District Superintendent and experienced consultant, has given him insight into a wide variety of local churches (size, age, style, etc.) and ministry contexts (rural, suburban, urban, etc.).

Paul’s interactions during consultations blend a pastor’s heart with a keen sense of discernment.  His humor and genuine engagement with people give joy and hope even in difficult circumstances.  He speaks the truth in love, to the benefit of those who listen.

Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church

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