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Rev. Paul James

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Church Health Initiative

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Church Health Initiative is a leading organization that guides congregations and denominations in implementing transformative systems that effectively produce health and growth.  Our experience is that all congregations are in need of continued transformation to enable them to stay on mission.  Effective transformation often requires professional help from those who have ministered well themselves and, who also know how to successfully teach others to minister well.  We have seen hundreds of congregations of all sizes, in all kinds of locations and nations excel.  We have helped them refocus their energy, maximize their impact and become community change agents for the Kingdom of God and the Great Commission.  For over two decades we have led congregations and denominations to achieve godly success in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Putting You On the Path to Success

Church Health Initiative exists to help denominational leaders and pastors experience renewal through the spiritual transformation of congregations.


Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

The vision of Church Health Initiative is to see at least 60% of the churches with whom we work reverse trends of congregational decline and experience a constant stream of people becoming new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Overall Strategy

A Comprehensive Approach to Consulting

The strategy of Church Health Initiative is to implement proven processes that will develop pastors and key leaders who will then consistently practice leading their congregations in accomplishment of the mission.

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Primary Strategy Initiatives

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Develop pastors, many of whom are not natural leaders, to exercise increasingly more effective leadership behavior.  Also, to mentor pastors to be leaders of congregations that are on mission to carry out the Great Commission.  This strategy is accomplished by:

Mentoring pastors in monthly learning communities

Coaching pastors through congregational consultations

Coaching pastors for two years in implementing the congregational changes called for during the consultation process.

Church Cross


Train congregations (especially those in decline or on a plateau) to become missional teams that establish as their primary core value, the consistent implementation of the Great Commission.  This is accomplished by conducting a congregational consultation that includes.

A pre-consultation self study and assessment

A weekend consultation

Two years of congregational coaching


Persuade lay leaders to support pastors as leaders and diligently work with them in enabling their congregation to act missionally in implementing the Great Commission.  This is accomplished by:

Conducting a lay seminar on congregational health during the first year.

Conducting a second seminar on a related topic during the second year.


Secondary Strategy Initiatives

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Train current denominational leaders and pastors in the procedures required to experience the consistent

implementation of the three primary strategic


Train future leaders within the denomination to carry on the Primary Strategies once Church Health Initiative has completed its work with the


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Implementation Schedule

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CHI Schedule

Mar 10-11, Pastoral Cohort, Newark, NJ

Apr 22, Transitional Pastor Training, Richmond, VA

May 13-18, Consultation, Douglasville, GA

June 4-7, Consultation, WV

July 14-15, Pastoral Cohort, Newark, NJ

Sept 30, Transitional Pastor Training, Tacoma, WA

Nov 10-11, Pastoral Cohort, Newark, NJ

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Pastoral Learning Community - Prattville, AL - Jan 13; Feb 10; Mar 9; Apr 13; May 11

Pastoral Learning Community - Brunswick, GA - Jan 14; Feb 11; Mar 10; Apr 14; May 12

Pastoral Learning Community - Conyers, GA - Jan 16; Feb 13; Mar 12; Apr 16; May 14

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Paul D Borden, PhD

Paul Borden was the Executive Minister of Growing Healthy Churches, formerly American Baptist Churches of the West, for more than a decade. During that time the region saw over 70% of their 220 established congregations go through systemic transformation, planted 100 new congregations and experienced over 25,000 baptisms.

Paul has authored four books; Hit the Bullseye, Direct Hit, Assaulting the Gates and Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days.  All the books were written to explain how denominations, congregations and pastors can once again be effective and lead healthy and growing ministries.  Paul, now is training pastors, consulting denominations and congregations, as well as conducting conferences with more than 40 different denominational groups in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  He has conducted over 500 formal church consultations and worked with over 1200 congregations in all kinds of settings.  

As the Director of Church Health Initiative, he is currently implementing an effective strategy with denominations that is resulting in many congregations experiencing dynamic spiritual transformation.  Many older established congregations that were once dying are now seeing health, growth and new disciples coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

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Rev. Paul James

Rev. Paul James is the District Superintendent of the Northeast District of the Wesleyan Church.  Pastor Paul, as he is affectionately called, has seen success as a church planter, pastor and district superintendent.  He has excelled at leading both congregational and denominational transformation.  God used him to turn around congregations in Indiana and Kansas, where small congregations grew to 500+ worship attenders.  Much of this growth was conversion growth.  Paul is known as being passionate about leading individuals to a personal relationship with Christ.

In the last nine years, Paul has seen the current district where he serves in the northeast, an area not open to godly values, experience significant transformation.  He came to a district of small, dying congregations, many located in very rural areas that were short on hope and were having little Kingdom impact.  Today, however, many of these same churches are alive and thriving because of their commitment to the Great Commission and their outward focus to their communities.  The district is filled with hope and excitement for all God is doing.

As a result of Paul’s more than 45 years of ministry, both leading churches to grow and coaching other congregations to grow, he is now being asked to work with other districts across the U.S.

God is giving him broader Kingdom influence through consulting, coaching and mentoring.  Paul understands how congregations function and knows how to help them move from a downward trajectory to one of health and growth.

As co-founder of Church Health Initiative, Paul is now adjusting his commitments and schedule to make himself more available to serve the greater church in consulting and coaching.

Charles Arn, ED.D, visiting professor of Outreach and Christian Ministry at Wesley Seminary, in writing to one of his students, says, “Paul James is a premier consultant, and students report that the experience of “shadowing” him was a great learning experience”.

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